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SunRace originated in Taiwan in 1972, initially providing entry-level products particularly to North and South America. The boom in sales of mountain bikes resulted in rapid expansion. Twenty-five years later, it had become clear that further growth would only result from higher level components and so commenced the process of taking the product range up-market.

That procedure accelerated after internal hub gear supplier Sturmey-Archer was purchased in 2000. Sturmey-Archer was first established in England in 1902 when they invented the 3-speed internal gear hub. The purchase of Sturmey-Archer meant that SunRace now had a strong foothold in Europe with their sales and distribution company in the Netherlands. Supplying the European market demanded even higher level specifications resulting in large investments in engineering and Research and Development.

SunRace products are now specified by the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers and are also used extensively in the afterm... [more]
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